Herschel Infrared Case Studies Electric Heating for Landlords of Buy to let Properties

Electric Heating for Landlords of Buy to let Properties

A buy to let landlord and property owner explains why she has been installing Herschel Infrared heating panels across her property portfolio for 8 years

"I think Herschel and their infrared are definitely the way forward".


Electric heating for landlords is becoming a more and more attractive solution for both tenants and landlords alike especially now there is an ever-increasing focus on the need to reduce energy and emissions. Our customer Gina, a buy-to-let landlord specialising in ex-local flats in Wandsworth, London, has been a long-standing customer of Herschel Infrared. She has been installing Herschel heaters across her property portfolio for the last 8 years.

Gina has installed our frameless, white Select XLS panel heaters within her properties, as well as Select XL infrared panels (the previous range). Controlled by Herschel thermostats, Gina explains how she has “never had a radiator go wrong” and why she is replacing all her properties previously heated by gas boilers.

Take a look at her video testimonial below where Gina takes us on a tour around one of her buy-to-let properties and explains why, as a landlord, she continues to choose Herschel Infrared for her tenanted properties, describing the benefits of infrared heating for both her and her tenants.


“I’m Gina and I’m a huge fan of the Herschel Infrared radiators which I’ve been putting into my buy-to-let flats in London over the last 8 years. Whenever one of my gas combi-boilers fails, I immediately look to take the system out, take all those wet water radiators out, all those pipes and all that goes, I put in another form of hot water heating and then the Herschel Infrared radiators.

By putting it up on the ceiling it does give more wall space……..the previous radiators often get bumped or draped with clothes by the tenant which is not great as that obviously causes condensation. In the bathroom…it’s doing its job well as there’s absolutely no sign of any mould or condensation which is a frequent problem in bathrooms.

Once I put one in I’ve been rather keen to put them in everywhere else. Once they are in there is no further cost, I’ve never had a radiator go wrong on me….very easy, very efficient and very good for the environment.

It gives a wonderful radiant heat, it’s a very attractive and pleasant environment to live. I think Herschel and their infrared are definitely the way forward”.

Another video testimonial on electric heating for landlords, from a Herschel customer who manages a substantial portfolio of rental properties, can be seen here.


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