Herschel Infrared Case Studies Heating a games room and home cinema

Heating a games room and home cinema

Two beautiful interior renovations that have been heated by Herschel Summit heaters

"proving to be very effective, cost efficient and most importantly comfortably warm".


A customer contacted us to discuss the heating of two newly renovated rooms in his home – heating a large games room, which has been converted from an indoor swimming pool, as well as a new cinema room .


Herschel Summit 2.6kW heaters were specified for both rooms, three to heat the games room and two for the cinema room. These powerful yet discreet heaters have been ceiling and wall-mounted within the spaces and are thermostatically controlled by MD2 thermostats.  The MD2 thermostats can also be controlled via the App enabling simple online control of the required temperatures in both rooms in accordance with their usage. For example, the cinema den has recently been heated for every movie they’ve watched. This provides Mr Brayley with the flexibility he was looking for – keeping the rooms warm and comfortable when in use yet ensuring energy is not wasted when the rooms are not occupied.

Before the renovation, the Games room was a Pool room. After:  Games room now heated by Summit infrared heaters

pool room before renovatedPool Room heated by Herschel Summit heaters

It has been great to see the transformation of these beautiful spaces and hear the feedback from Mr Brayley on his heating. He has also installed some Miami heaters to heat his outdoor area.


So far they are proving great.  It’s the ability to warm a particular zone quickly (or at least “feel” warm underneath them very quickly) that we are enjoying.  For example, we may discuss over our evening meal that after eating, we’d like to go down to the home cinema and watch a movie.  I can simply bring up the app on my phone from the kitchen table and increase the temperature setting from a low setback temperature (13 degrees) to 20 degrees. Ten minutes or so later, we wander down there and immediately feel warm sitting on the cinema sofas.  Excellent.  When done, I simply return the app temperature to the 13 degree setback and go back through to the other part of the house. 

The same goes for the pool hall area, although given the space we are heating, I do leave it 30 minutes or so before going through, to really appreciate the Summit’s have taken effect. For this space in our home, that we use two or three times a week, they are so far proving to be very effective, cost efficient and most importantly = comfortably warm”.  Mr Brayley

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