Herschel Infrared Case Studies Herschel Customers Star in TV Advert

Herschel Customers Star in TV Advert

The best infrared heaters for a beautiful home renovation project

Our customers were so delighted with their heaters they agreed to be in a TV advert for us!

These customers decided Herschel was the brand with the best infrared heaters on the market. Keri and Matt, in Bedfordshire, installed these infrared panels in their home and even starred in Herschel’s TV advert.

Matt was so pleased with his Herschel infrared heaters that he shared some photographs with us of them installed. The Herschel team loved the photographs of their stunning renovation and how the infrared panels complemented their interior design so beautifully. It seemed the perfect property for Herschel’s new TV advert……….

“We call them the showpiece, the party pieces of the house. They’re just brilliant”.

Keri and Matt’s home is warmed by ceiling-mounted white panels in the kitchen area, as well as a mirror heater and picture panel in the open-plan living area.

Watch their full video testimonial to hear Keri and Matt explain why they believe Herschel offers the best infrared heaters.

Keri and Matt were undertaking a large extension and renovation project of their home living area and found Herschel online when they were researching heating options.

They decided to go for Herschel as they’d visited the website and seen the panels on display in the NSBRC exhibition centre. Matt comments “Why did we go with Herschel, it’s a strong brand”.  Keri adds, “The testimonials on their website were out of this world, we had amazing customer service. We can operate our panels online from the App, from inside or outside the house, so if we go on holiday we’re able to have the panels on for when we get back”.

“We call them the showpiece of the house….they really are, especially as they are an eco-friendly way of heating the house, we know we’re not impacting on the environment by using them”.

Herschel white infrared heaters provide a fantastic space-saving and discreet option. “We decided to paint the ceiling with the same RAL code as the panels so they became invisible onto the ceiling”.

Best infrared heaters as seen on TV

Keri loves the feeling of warmth from their infrared mirror panel. “The mirror just looks like a regular mirror to anyone that comes in our home. You can’t see any of the wires. When people come over it’s really interesting to see their faces when we tell them these are our heaters”!

best infrared heaters

The Herschel picture panel adds a real focal point within the living area and provides a stunning memory of their holiday to New England. They were delighted with the results as Keri explains “It’s a photo of Boston, Matt actually took the photo, it’s a beautiful photograph and we were so impressed with the quality, it just looks like a normal canvas that you have made. It’s looks like a regular picture but for us its keeping us nice and toasty warm” .

Herschel are the best infrared heaters

Thank you

Thank you so much to our customers, Keri and Matt (and not forgetting Freddie – their adorable dog) for getting in contact with us, starring in our TV advert and sharing their experience with us.

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