1350 Thatched Home

Customer brief: To improve the warmth of their home and reduce heating bills

Energy efficient comfort heating


Living in a house dating from 1350, previously heated by storage and plug-in electric heaters, Rebecca and Richard Collis were struggling to keep themselves and their new baby warm. With spiralling energy bills, they decided to install Herschel Far infrared heaters throughout their home and are now not only warm but have cut their monthly electricity bill from £153 to £40.

Rebecca and Richard’s house in north Somerset, UK, is a large thatched property which has been divided to create four homes and is the oldest in the village. The couple were keen to find a solution that was efficient, did not spoil the look of their home and would be safe for their son who is now one.


The team at Herschel explained the products in detail, helped confirm Rebecca’s calculations and, because of the age of the property, visited to check the details. In all, six infrared heaters were ordered with Herschel Inspire mirror heaters in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom and white Herschel Select XL panel heaters in the two bedrooms and playroom. These were installed by a professional electrician.

Each of the heaters is on a different zone, controlled via the Herschel iQ system from an app that the couple have on their smart phones.  This wireless system saved running cables and drilling holes in walls and provides very accurate control. Before the installation of the Herschel system, the temperature in the house was sometimes as low as 11ºC. Now, if it drops below 18ºC, the thermostats automatically turn the relevant heaters on.

There has also been a noticeable reduction in the amount of condensation within the property and a significant improvement in the smell of damp.


“I wish I’d known about Herschel sooner. They were very professional and the infrared heaters have been the finishing touch to make our house feel like a home. The heaters are stylish, easy to use and fit in perfectly with our period property. Guests just can’t believe our mirrors are our heating! I’ve already recommended them to other people.”

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