Herschel Infrared Case Studies Village Hall heating with Summits

Village Hall heating with Summits

Electric heaters for halls from Herschel provide the ideal heating solution for this cold village hall

"The right solution for us"

Background (Full Testimonial Video Below)

Herschel Infrared offers a range of electric heaters for halls from zero light to warm glow solutions, with a variety of installation options available.  Henbury Village Hall had recently completed a large-scale refurbishment, giving them a new modern, attractive look and needed a new heating solution. Previously they’d been using old, high glare and deteriorating infrared heaters but after the refurbishment they wanted a new heating system to match their new aesthetic. They knew they wanted something modern, attractive and preferably zero-light; the glare on their old infrared heaters was causing distractions during events such as film nights or various different gatherings. Village halls are used for a multitude of different activities, from Scouts, Guides and Brownies to indoor sport and charity events, so it was pivotal to the management that the heating solution had quick warm-up times and provided sufficient heat for any activity within the hall. It was also mentioned that being flexible with controls was important, as was being able to heat the building from elsewhere via an App – to enable spaces to be heated before arrival for an event.


There were multiple areas that needed heating in this village hall – the main hall, the store room and the entrance. The main hall has had 9 Summit White Non-remote heaters installed plus one for the separate entrance hall. An XLS1100W infrared heating panel has been installed in the store room and thermostat control is provided by MD2 thermostats, within each room.

  • Powerful Summit 2600W heaters provide comfortable warmth, with quick warm up times, for the main space along with flexibility of control when connected to an MD2 thermostat. This zero light solution, in a white finish, provides a highly unobstrusive heating system that blends subtly into the decor and allows floor space to be maximised;
  • The XLS 1100 was mounted on the ceiling in order to be a discreet way of heating the store room and maintain a constant temperature without affecting any storage space;
  • MD2 thermostats allow control through the SmartLife App, linked to the WiFi network on site, creating a flexible heating system with simple control from wherever the user is.

Further to using the Summit heaters within the Village Hall, the Chairman Peter, has subsequently installed a Herschel Manhattan heater within the smoking area at his pub, the Blaise Inn, to keep people warm outdoors.

Herschel Manhattan heating pub outdoor seating areaTestimonial

“We’ve just undergone a 2 year project to redevelop the hall, we’ve opened up the ceiling space, put new insulation in and made it a lot more pleasant to be in. In terms of heating, the hall is used a lot, but at different times of the day so rather than going for a volumetric heating system we wanted something that provided an instant heat for periods in which the hall was in use, to keep our energy consumption under control. I then got in contact with Matt and the team from Herschel and the solution seemed to be the right solution for us in terms of the heat output. The actual look of the heaters was important to us, previously the hall had radiant heaters which gave off a very red glow which interfered with people’s enjoyment of events, so the white heaters are much more blending in character with the listed hall. The internet’s ability to control the heaters is also very important to us again because of the sporadic hiring plans which means that we can turn the heaters on and turn the heaters off without having to be here before an event and after an event”. Peter Gilbert, Chairman Henbury Village Hall.

Herschel Summit heaters

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