White Summit 2600R
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SUMMIT White 2600 Watts

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Model Wattage Size Heats Price Quantity  
IR-SUMMIT-2600RW 2600 Watts With Remote 150 × 16 × 5 cm 6-9m2 Outdoors
9-16m2 Indoors
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IR-SUMMIT-2600W 2600 Watts Without Remote 140 × 16 × 5 cm 6-9m2 Outdoors
9-16m2 Indoors
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The stylish and powerful SUMMIT White infrared heater is an ideal choice for both indoor space heating applications and outdoor sheltered areas. Designed with the latest Kanthal AF heating elements and finished with a white ceramic coating, the SUMMIT White provides an energy efficient heating solution for those areas that require effective comfort heating without the light emitted by medium-Infrared heaters.

The SUMMIT White is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations where airflow is low or manageable. It can be both wall mounted or hung directly overhead from the ceiling, maximising the heating in the area directly underneath the heater. Particularly suited for the commercial market, the slimline and tasteful SUMMIT White is ideal for restaurants, bars, shops and similar indoor environments seeking a stylish, super discreet heating solution. The SUMMIT White offers, in particular, an ultra discreet and modern design for white interiors and exterior spaces.

Its high IP65 protection rating, gives SUMMIT White protection against dust and water ingress from all directions making it suitable for uncovered outdoor use. Its high power and installation flexibility also make SUMMIT White ideal for areas on patios, outdoor bars and under parasols in sheltered areas. In exposed areas with air movement and wind, the far infrared spread may reduce by 1/3 to 1/2.  In such instances, we recommend proportionally increasing the number of far infrared SUMMIT White heaters, or for colder, windier situations, choosing a heater from our new middlewave Sunset range. Your Herschel dealer can advise.

SUMMIT White 2600RW has a remote-control providing 2 power settings (100% and 50%) and a 1-24 hour timer for extra precision and control for outdoor use. The SUMMIT White 2600W (Non-remote model) can be used with external controllers, such as the Herschel iQ MD2 Thermostat.

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Technical Specifications

Power Requirements:

Rated Voltage (V) 220-240V 50/60Hz
Rated Current (A) 11.3
Fuse/Circuit Breaker Rating (A) 13


Heated Areas: Indoors Outdoors
Heated zone @ 100% power 9-16m2 6-9m2


Rated Power:

Heating Element:



Dimensions 2600R:

Remote control:


Dimensions 2600:

Warm-up time:

Useful wavelength range:



Cable Length:



Herschel Kanthal AF

Structured Aluminium surface with white ceramic coating

Extruded, anodised aluminium

150 x 16 x 4.5 cm (with Remote Controller)

2 power levels (100% & 50%) &

24 hour timer (24 x 1 hour increments)

140 x 16 x 4.5 (without Remote Controller)

<10 Minutes

3 – 10µm

7.5kg (Remote version); 7kg (non-Remote version)

2 Years (excludes remote control)



Quality & Safety

Summit Certifications


IEC 60335-1; 60335-2-30 Electrical & Construction Safety Compliant

EMC compliant

RoHS compliant

Guarantee: 24 months. Excludes remote control.

Optional Accessories

  • Herschel iQ MD1 Wired Thermostat Control
    Herschel iQ MD2 Wired Thermostat


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