Customer Service FAQs How to ceiling-mount infrared panel heaters?

How to ceiling-mount infrared panel heaters?

This is an example of a customer install of ceiling-mounted Select XLS panels hard wired to, and powered from, the T-MD2 thermostat. The T-MD2 is also wired to the mains.
•There is a fused spur at low level below the T-MD2 thermostat for isolating the heaters and thermostat.

•The heater cable is connected to mains power and extended with a Wago connector with the connections made in the ceiling void then into the thermostat.
•Any fixed wiring outside the heater coming into contact or close proximity to the heater, must be protected by sleeving with a temperature rating of at least 90°c.
•All cabling behind the appliance must take the shortest route to the edge of the heater. Ensure that the power cable is not coiled. Shorten the power cable if possible and do not place excess cable on the rear of the heater.
•Electrical connections must not be made behind the heater regardless of wall or ceiling-mounting position.
•Ensure no electrical connections are made or fused spurs placed directly behind the heater. These must be made a minimum of 200mm from the edge of the heater.
•Ensure the fixings used for heaters can hold their weight and use joists where possible.
•Cutting the plug off the heaters to hard wire them will not invalidate the warranty.
•Please refer to all other instructions in the Herschel installation guides.

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