Infrared chosen over heat pump

Replacing oil with efficient infrared heating

Our customer Andrew was looking for alternatives to his oil-based heating. "We looked at ground source heat pump but a number of friends put us off saying it was good for ambient heat but their rooms never felt really warm and they were having to top up the heating".


Herschel Infrared panels heat living areas and bedrooms

The property has several white Herschel Infrared panels heaters across living areas and bedrooms as well as Herschel’s dual-element towel heater in the ensuite. Andrew plans to phase out the oil heating in the rest of the house time to eventually have Herschel Infrared heaters as the only heat source throughout.


The COP26 House built in Glasgow

The COP26 House was built in Glasgow, especially for the COP26 UN Climate Summit in November 2021, to showcase that zero carbon, affordable and beautiful homes can be accessible now. Herschel is thrilled to be a part of the collaberative group Beyond Zero Homes that were responsible for the build.


Herschel Infrared panel heaters were chosen to heat the zero carbon home

Efficient Herschel Infrared panel heaters were chosen to heat the zero carbon home (COP26 House) - ensuring an affordable, simple to install, space-saving and comfortable home.


Herschel infrared panels combined with solar PV

Our customer combines Herschel Infrared with solar PV, battery, Mixergy hot water tank and is delighted with the results. Wanting to lower his emissions by using electric heating plus future proof his energy costs using solar, Chris's decision to install infrared over heat pumps was based on cost, disruption and ease of install.