Commercial space heater example: Advantage IR 2 in a workshop
Snows garage workspace heated by Herschel Advantage infrared heating
industrial Infrared heater
Vulcan warehouse heater


Powerful, effective heating for warehouses and workshops

Our range of Industrial Infrared heaters are the perfect solution for heating people in commercial units and are the ideal replacement for legacy gas or air blown heating systems.

Only Infrared can operate effectively at low cost, because it is possible to precisely heat only the areas that require heating. The ability to create heated zones can result in significant savings as convection heaters needs to heat the entire volume of air in a unit – not just the zone you want.

Herschel offers different heaters for different industrial uses, from heating individual workstations to workbenches and whole areas of warehouses.

These heaters are for commercial use, for installation by professional electricians only. They are not suitable for household or similar use.

IRP4 Heater in a warehouse

Professional Specification Service

Herschel has a team of in-house surveyors who perform on-site and desktop estimating services for commercial heating projects.

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Industrial Heaters

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  • Advantage IR

    Advantage IR 1300 / 1950 Watts

    (3 reviews)
    5 Year Warranty
    4 Sizes
    FROM £346.00
    View Range
  • Power 4 Industrial Heater

    Power 3.2 – 6.4kW Workshop Heater

    (5 reviews)
    5 Year Warranty
    3 Sizes
    FROM £839.00
    View Range
  • Herschel Vulcan 12kW

    Vulcan 6 -12 kW Warehouse Heater

    2 Year Warranty
    4 Sizes
    FROM £1,049.00
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Showing all 3 results

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