Customer Service FAQs Can I still use Economy 7 with Herschel?

Can I still use Economy 7 with Herschel?

With Economy 7 you are probably paying a higher rate for daytime electricity than on a standard tariff. If you intend to run your Herschel panels overnight and also run other appliances overnight then it could make sense to stay on Economy 7. However, depending on your circumstances it is likely that you will also run your panels in the daytime, and it may well be that the extra daytime rates could outweigh any savings. Our best advice would be to run your Herschel panels for a season and then review the situation depending upon your usage,

Don’t forget that the average running cost of using our panels for 5 hours per day will give you a big saving and improved comfort levels compared to night storage heating regardless of whether you are on an Economy 7 tariff.