Customer Service FAQs How to control an Infrared heating panel?

How to control an Infrared heating panel?

Infrared Heating Panels are controlled by thermostats, which at the most basic level turn a heater on if a room is not warm enough and turn it off when it is.

All Herschel thermostats build on this basic capability by enabling 4 programs a day 7 days a week and then adding extra features like “Open Window Detection” (which detects a rapid temperature drop and shuts the heater off for a period of time to avoid wasting energy).

The internet adds further capability such as grouping thermostats together; managing your thermostats alongside other home devices; adding Presence Detection to your heating (so your heating turns down if a room is unoccupied); voice control; the list of capabilities is rapidly expanding.

Herschel thermostats allow you to start in as simple a way as you want and add capability as you want, all with the same thermostats and internet App-enabled control (Smart Life).

Take a look at our Controls overview page for how to get started and how to evolve your own Home Control solution.

And rest assured that we provide comprehensive after sales support too for this rapidly evolving subject.