Customer Service FAQs Are there any standards on Far Infrared Panel performance?

Are there any standards on Far Infrared Panel performance?

IEC 60675-2:2021 which covers household direct acting room heaters provides a standard for assessing their radiant performance. It is the internationally agreed legal definition of the performance criteria for radiant performance of household electrical heaters.

The standard states:

  • Anything with a surface temperature of less than 40c cannot be classed as a radiant heater;
  • A heater with a surface temperature between 40c – 200c may fall into the category of “low temperature” radiant heater but only if when tested the radiant efficiency is greater than 40%
  • Heaters with a minimum surface temperature rise of 75c can be classed as a “radiant” (infrared) heater and can still submit for testing to establish exactly its efficiency %. As a guideline Herschel panels demonstrate 70%  or greater radiant efficiency – meaning more than 70% of their output power is observable as radiant (as opposed to convective) heat.

Heating films embedded in building materials and wall papers are out of scope of IEC 60675 because at best they reach only 40C (the threshold for considering a heater in scope for radiant effectiveness assesment) and will not reach the 40% radiant efficiency output measure.

Herschel Infrared panels have surface temps of approx. 95-100c. At this level the radiation effectiveness is in excess of 70%, so at least 70% of the heat is output as radiant (far-infrared) heat. Under IEC60675 this would be rated as “high radiation effectiveness”.

As a result Herschel is able to represent our heaters in the market as radiant (infrared) heaters. There are many companies now supplying heaters that are at or below 40C and calling themselves radiant, but this is a misrepresentation.

The BEIS commissioned the Cost-Optimal Domestic Electrification (CODE) report from 2021 which covers infrared-red radiant panels with a 70% radiant fraction stated as per the IES modelling system.

European Far Infrared Panel Consortium:

IG Infrared  is the EU Infrared manufacturers trade association defines the standards for Far Infrared panels in Europe as:

  • A flat surface panel with an operating temperature of at least 75°C or more.
  • An emission rate of least 0.09 watts per centimetre2 over the panel surface.
  • Must have CE, Electrical Safety, Electrical Emissions, Safe Construction and Intelligent Controls certification.

These are all infrared panel heaters as per the type described in the BEIS reports.

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