Herschel Infrared Case Studies Halo Installation in All Saints Church

Halo Installation in All Saints Church

Testimonial from Reverend Paul Fillery

Watch as Reverend Paul Fillery discusses why the Herschel Halo is the perfect heating solution to help become more efficient and align with the Church of England’s Net Zero Carbon Initiative by 2030.

See Paul Fillery’s thoughts on the Herschel Halo


All Saints’ Church, located in Martock, Somerset, faced a challenge in heating their large historic parish church efficiently while aligning with the Church of England’s Net Zero Carbon Initiative by 2030. Traditional alternatives like gas boilers and heat pumps were either environmentally unfriendly or not feasible due to the intricate church infrastructure. Therefore, Reverend Paul Fillery turned to Herschel Infrared for a sustainable heating solution that not only provided a comfortable warmth, but also preserved the church’s artefacts and infrastructure.

All Saints Church, Martock


When deciding what heating solution would be best for their church, Paul discusses how heat pumps were too intrusive and expensive, so decided radiant heating was the way forward. When Paul contacted Herschel, our Heritage Team visited the church and did a thorough survey of the building, providing a detailed proposal with mock-ups to show them how they will look when installed, which Paul mentions was an important part of the decision-making process.

The Herschel Halo was installed in the Lady Chapel of All Saints’ Church, where it beautifully fits the church aesthetic. The design of the Halo was the main selling point for Paul Fillery, as it not only looks like it belongs in the church, but also offers lighting which was much needed in a dark chapel.

The Halo is just the starting point for All Saints’ Church, which eventually will replace their old gas boiler with much more efficient Herschel heaters, with planned installation in the North and South Aisles and in the Nave.

Herschel Halo All Saints' Installation
The Herschel Halo with decorative panels and LED lighting

Why Herschel Infrared?

Throughout the interview, Paul discusses some of the key reasons why Herschel Infrared is the perfect choice for Heritage Heating.

Environmentally Friendly

I think for us, it’s the way we’re going to go, and it’s an important one because of the environmental objectives of the Church of England zero carbon 2030 initiative, which is important to us“.


Energy Consumption

As a church, we’re realising the best way to go instead of heating a whole church as big as this one – zonal heating is really a sensible way to go, both for energy efficiency and cost, and environmental impact as well“.

… as I said, it makes a lot of sense to be able to zonal heat a building that’s as big as this. You really don’t want to be heating a huge place for many hours for a handful of people meeting in a certain area. So that’s our appeal, I think it makes a lot of sense to us“.


Herschel Heritage Team Service

[Herschel] did quite a through survey of the place, took measurements, and sent us a plan. Then a good mock-up as well is quite helful to see what it might look like, and that was really important when working with the DAC to give them a good sense of what we were going to be putting on our ceiling

… the whole process went really nicely from the design and planning side, and we still are having ongoing conversations about the future and how we do that together“.

The team that came were excellent. They did a good job. One day, three guys, got it done and got it sorted quite quickly for us, and it was up and running and looking good straight away, which is wonderful“.


Herschel Halo All Saints' Installation
Herschel Halo installed in the All Saints’ Lady Chapel


“The Halo design has been absolutely fantastic”

The Halo design has been absolutely fantastic. That’s been the thing that sold it to us. It looks like it belongs in a building of this age and the proof of that has been that when people come in, they hardly notice that it’s there, which is fantastic. It fits beautifully. The aesthetic is good. It looks good and it’s got light in it as well as heat, so it serves a dual purpose of lighting quite a dark chapel. And for that purpose, it’s just ticked all the boxes for us.

Reverend Paul Fillery, All Saints' Church, Martock

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The Herschel Infrared Halo heaters provide an efficient, sustainable, non-intrusive and comfortable radiant heating solution for churches, places of worship and other large historical buildings and is available now. Contact the Herschel Heritage Team today for a free consultation and experience the future of church heating for yourself.

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