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Free standing patio heaters

Convenient heat outdoors – right where you want it

Free standing patio heaters

Free standing patio heaters are the ultimate in occasional heating

Free standing patio heaters from Herschel bring you all the comfort of outdoor heating with all the convenience of a stand which you can use to position the heater exactly where you want it.

The Herschel Colorado, California and Miami can all be mounted on their own stand (sold separately from the heater). The Herschel California and Colorado can also be controlled with a hand-held remote which you can use to alter the power levels or set a timer.



  • 2 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    Sale FROM £278.00

    Key Features:

    • Sunset range, warm glow, ultra-low glare heater
    • 2.5kW high power carbon lamp
    • High weather protection (IP55)
    • 4 power levels & timer on remote model
    • Optional stand for free-standing use
    • Mirror reflectors for optimum efficiency
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    3 Sizes

    Sale FROM £239.00

    Key Features:

    • Designer heater, ultra-low glare
    • Black, silver or rose gold finish
    • Sunset range, warm glow
    • 2kW high power carbon lamp
    • 2 power levels, 24 hour timer, remote control
    • High weather protection (IP65)
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    Sale FROM £179.00

    Key Features:

    • Performance range, infrared outdoor heater
    • Aluminium, in black or white finish
    • Compact, ideal for parasol mounting
    • 2kW high performance halogen lamp
    • Low glare, long life, quality components
    • Suitable for commercial use
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    1 Sizes

    FROM £299.00

    Key Features:

    • Portable free-standing outdoor heater
    • 2kW long life carbon fibre element
    • Durable stainless steel weighted stand & pole
    • 2 power settings
    • Long life, quality components
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  • 2 Warranty
    1 Sizes

    FROM £149.00

    Key features:

    • Under table, portable, low wattage
    • Free-standing with built-in handle
    • Warm glow, ultra low glare
    • Long life 800 Watt carbon lamp
    • Tip-over and safe touch safety protection


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Safety first

Free standing patio heaters
The base of the Herschel stand is weighted which makes it difficult to accidentally tip over, whilst allowing it to be easily portable.

The Herschel Colorado and California both incorporate an anti-tilt mechanism which will turn the heater off if it senses sudden movement of the heater.

Always make sure the mains cable to the heater does not become a trip hazard.


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“Makes it possible to enjoy the outdoor area”

My curiosity in radiant heating technology (as well as the need for heat) has led me to install a Herschel California infrared radiant heater in my barbecue area.  The heat can be targeted on the seating area and even in breezy conditions we are actually very comfortable. The unit makes it possible to enjoy the outdoor area at short notice without needing to light up the chiminea or breaking the bank.

David Hilton, Expert in sustainable building and energy efficiency

“A great addition to our outdoor seating area”

We’ve been thrilled with the support from a whole host of local companies in helping us complete our project – the newly installed Herschel heaters are a great addition to our outdoor seating area helping visitors to enjoy the space in comfort.

“Made the decision easy”

“The environmental credentials of infrared made the decision easy, you heat people and objects, instead of the space”.

Andy Brown – Owner, Woodland Spa


Herschel's Legacy