Halo Horizon wall mounted in St James Church - Stratford-upon-Avon
Halo - The ultimate heating option for heritage buildings
Halo Horizons installed in St James' Church Chancel
Halo infrared heaters installed in church

Herschel Heritage Range

Halo – the Route to Net Zero

Following extensive research and development the radiant Halo heater has been created with a stunning chandelier-style design, ideal for heritage buildings.

With powerful, zero light, far infrared heat emitters, the UK manufactured Halo offers a highly controllable, effective and decorative heating solution that is acceptable to conservation bodies. The Halo is accompanied by the Halo Horizon, Under Pew heaters and Herschel’s bespoke APX control system to provide a complete heating system for all church and heritage spaces.

Our team of specialist, in-house surveyors can advise on how the Heritage range can provide a whole church heating solution or provide a modular solution to work alongside existing heating systems.

Improved Efficiency

Unlike convection heating, which heats the air, radiant heating is highly controllable meaning it can directly heat people in the areas where they need to be heated. Targeting the heating in this way, and creating precise zones, can lead to significant savings on energy consumption and costs.

Simpler Installation, Zero Servicing, Long Life

Simpler, quicker, less disruptive and far cheaper to install than alternatives such as heat pumps. Our heritage heaters have no servicing requirement, utilising long life, solid state components with no moving parts, and have been designed so that the ceramic elements can be easily replaced, if required.

Heritage Specification Service available

Heritage Specification Service

With unrivaled experience in heating heritage buildings, Herschel uses the latest technology to offer 3D scans and visual representations of your church heated by Halo.

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  • Halo Infrared Heater for Heritage Buildings and Churches

    Halo 4.8 – 7.8kW Infrared Heater

    5 Year Warranty
    8 Sizes
    FROM £5,999.00
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  • Halo Horizon with Decorative Bracket

    Halo Horizon 2.6kW – 3.2kW Infrared Heater

    5 Year Warranty
    4 Sizes
    FROM £2,399.00
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  • Herschel Under Pew Infrared Heater

    Under Pew Heater

    10 Year Warranty
    2 Sizes
    FROM £419.00
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