6kW Soft Start Controller
6kW Soft Start Controller

6kW Soft Start Controller


Key Features:

  • 6kW load;
  • Activates on current
  • 1-5 seconds start time;
  • Prevents nuisance tripping;
  • Protects your heaters;

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2 year warranty

Reduce heating Cost

Energy efficient

Easy Installation

Zero Maintenance

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  • Description


    The 6kW Soft Start controller is designed to reduce the impact on heaters and electrical circuits of high startup currents that occur when full power to the heaters is switched on instantly.

    High inductive loads or “Inrush currents” caused by switching on high power equipment  instantly can cause damage to the heaters and can also cause nuisance tripping of circuit breakers. Using a soft start controller will eliminate nuisance tripping and will also prolong the life of the heater, due to the gentler start up time.

    The controller works by gradually applying full power over 5 seconds after current is first detected by the controller.

    The unit can work passively by waiting until current is detected and soft-starting the heater. This makes it ideal as part of a large installation of heaters where a central control such as a thermostat switches a number of heaters on and off and the soft start just responds when it detects the current.  Alternatively a simple switch can be connected to the unit to activate the current directly to the unit which makes it ideal for smaller or domestic installations where the heater can be switched on directly via the soft start control.  This gives operators a lot of flexibility in how they want to design and control their heating system.


  • Technical

    Technical Specifications

    Voltage: 230VAC 50/60Hz

    Power Supply: Mains

    Protection Class: IP65

    Quality & Safety


    Warranty: 2 Years

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