Customer Service FAQs Why should we use Herschel over other brands?

Why should we use Herschel over other brands?

Longest track record

At Herschel we have the most extensive experience of the application of Far Infrared in the UK (check our Residential and Commercial Case Study pages). Effective heating is all about matching the right heater to the right requirement and we have many years experience in this: helping us develop not only our estimating models, but also driving product development too.

Choose Herschel Infrared to ensure quality assured infrared heating

Best heaters and widest choice and quality

Herschel has developed heaters to provide the best combination of quality, performance and price available. We have the largest range of heaters available for the widest range of applications. All of our heaters have been extensively tested to UK and International standards and carry best in class warranties. We are the only UK Far Infrared specialist to provide and insist upon full training and accreditation for our installers, distributors and re-sellers.


Integrity is one of our core values and we will never allow our heaters to be mis-specified or mis-sold. You can be sure that when you purchase a Herschel heater you will be purchasing the right heater for the right application and will have many happy years of use. Key benefits:

  • Free delivery to UK and mainland Europe for online purchases;
  • No need to register your warranty if you buy direct from us;
  • No quibbles replacement of qualifying warranty claims;
  • Access to Herschel technical support.

Please also see FAQs on What quality standards are Herschel panels tested to? and Are there any standards on Far Infrared panel performance?