Herschel Infrared Case Studies The United Church, Herne Bay

The United Church, Herne Bay

Herschel Colorados provide efficient and simple to operate electric heating for the United Church in Herne Bay

"There is almost instant heat, so there’s no need to switch them on before a service. They’re just so controllable."


Understanding how to heat a church efficiently and effectively can be a real challenge especially given the size and age of churches.  Infrared is a proven heating solution for churches and Herschel Infrared are the experts on infrared. Having completed numerous projects specifying tailored solutions that consider all operational requirements as well as any install limitations Herschel Infrared have a range of solutions for all circumstances.

The United Reform Church got in contact to discuss Herschel Infrared heating solutions for several of their churches. They were specifically looking for an electric solution that would be kinder to the environment and enable them to progress in their mission to lower their carbon footprint.  At their United Church in Herne Bay, they were seeking a solution to heat the main service area and keep the congregation warm. Another example of how to heat a church, showcasing Herschel heaters within another of their United Reform Churches can be see here.


The hall is a large space and required a powerful heating solution. 16 Herschel Colorados were specified for the space. As the ceilings are high, the Colorados are angled diagonally downwards, pointing directly on the seating area where the congregation is sat.  The Colorados are mounted to a frame extending from one side of the room to the other. This allows for heat to be spread throughout the room and ensures the space is heated evenly. The 2.5kW Colorado features Herschel’s warm glow, zero glare long life woven carbon fibre lamp to provide effective warmth when required without the unsightly glare frequently experienced with other quartz heaters. Mirror aluminium reflector plates prevent rearward heat loss.

Herschel Colorado's used to heat the United Church in Herne BayTestimonial

“I’m very sympathetic with how churches look, I wanted to install something sympathetic to the eye and the building. We tried to make things as symmetrical as possible and hide the cabling as much as we possibly can bearing in mind there’s a considerable size of cable needed. There is almost instant heat, so there’s no need to switch them on before a service. They’re just so controllable.” Paul, installer.


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