Luxury Spa: Indoor & Outdoor Heating

Customer brief: To provide an effective and efficient heating solution that fits in with the luxury aesthetics of the Spa surroundings.

Stylish and effective space heating

SPa heated by Herschel Aspect XL

Thanks to Low Carbon Energy for this case study.

We are delighted to have been chosen to design a heating system and supply our Herschel infrared heating products into the multi award winning Woodland Spa, part of the Crow Wood leisure complex in Burnley, Lancashire.

The spa has recently extended to include a new outdoor bar, seating, fire pit area and outdoor pool. We designed and supplied infrared heating to the new extension to provide affordable effective outdoor comfort heating to the outdoor spa area as well as a number of heaters within the indoors covered area.

The 15 Herschel XL3 heaters sit in unobtrusive positions throughout the new area and are zoned to ensure efficient heating control and costs.


Woodland Spa owner Andy Brown said “the environmental credentials of infrared made the decision easy, you heat people and objects, instead of the space.”


Extend your spring and summer evenings outdoors with Herschel's outdoor heating range, suitable for domestic and commercial uses.

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Herschel Far Infrared space heaters can add a touch of innovative style to your interior, heat up a vast space effectively and save valuable wall space if our ceiling-mounted heaters are installed.

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An ideal solution for sports & leisure facilities: comfortable heat, easy to install, eliminates moisture.

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Herschel Far Infrared can provide you with your heating solution and other benefits too. Far Infrared heaters are used in modern saunas and in baby incubators and are perceived by many in the health industry to offer health benefits. The wavelength they emit is 7-15 microns - which is equivalent to the "vital range" of heat radiated from the human body itself.

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