Effortless Control with Herschel Smart Switches

Complete control in one place

We are excited to introduce the Herschel Smart Switches, consisting of the Touch Screen Control Centre (S-TSCC), Four Scene Control (S-FSC), and the Smart Switch (S-HSS). Acting as the central control hub for your smart heating, these can be used to activate Scenes via Smart Life, which then communicate to your Herschel thermostats to control your panels.

Setting all of your heaters to a pre-programmed setting has never been easier. Once paired with your Smart Life account, you can assign any Scene to the Herschel Smart Switches to allow you, or anybody else, to easily adjust the heating in your entire property without needing to set up Smart Life on everybody’s phones.

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Touch Screen Control Centre

The Touch Screen Control Centre (S-TSCC) acts as the central hub where you can control all of your heating and any other Smart Home accessories. With the ability to store up to 100 Scenes on the device, the possibilities are limitless, allowing you to set your smart heating to fit around your routine.

The Touch Screen Control Centre features a 4″ touch screen display, which displays the time, date, current weather information and two Scenes shortcuts which you can assign through the Smart Life. You can then simply swipe right to reveal all paired Smart Life Scenes, or swipe left to show all paired Thermostats in your property.

Find out more about the Touch Screen Control Centre here.

Touch Screen Control CentreThe touch screen control centre is a central hub where you can activate up to 100 Scenes from one place


Four Scene Control

The Four Scene Control (S-FSC) is another member of the Smart Controls family, and offers the ability to conveniently activate up to 4 Scenes with one tap of a button.

While any Scene can be assigned to any of the buttons on the Four Scene Control, the layout we have recommended is On, Off, Holiday Mode, and a Custom Mode where you can assign any Scene. The Four Scene Control can also be controlled via the Smart Life App, meaning it can be used by any household member, anywhere and anytime.

Find out more about the Four Scene Control here.

Four Scene Control in blackFour Scene Control in gold


Herschel Smart Switch

The Herschel Smart Switch (S-HSS) is a 20 Amp switch which can be wired directly to your Herschel HydroNova hot water system (supplied with HydroNova), or any other appliance in your house. The Smart Switch can also be wired directly to our Space heaters (non-remote models only) such as the Summit or Aspect XL to give you more flexible timers or delays when turning on your heating.

Alternatively, you can use the Herschel Smart Switch to activate a Tap-to-Run Scene through Smart Life. For example, why not use it as a Boost button or a button to activate Away mode if you are heading out of the house. Find out more about the Herschel Smart Switch here.



Your Choice of Colour Options

With four colours to choose from; White, Black, Brushed Silver, and Brushed Gold, you can choose the perfect Four Scene Control or Smart Switch to fit in your room. There is also the option to purchase a replacement or additional face to allow you to easily switch colours to match your decor.

"</aFour Scene Control is available in four colours: black, gold, silver, or white




Smart Switch Overview

Herschel Smart Switches and Thermostats to create the ultimate cosy, smart home

Take a look at the overview of our Herschel Smart Switches here.

Maximise Comfort, Minimise Energy with Herschel Controls

Heating your home, your way, has never been easier with the combination of our Herschel smart switches and thermostats.  Take a look at our designer control options here and upgrade your smart home today.

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