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We believe our infrared heating systems are a key technology for the future and will play a significant role in enabling the built environment to decarbonise as we transition to a more sustainable future. We are passionate about spreading the word on the benefits of infrared and working with ambassadors that share our passion for our innovative heat technology and what it can offer people and buildings, in the route map to deliver net zero.

We are delighted to share the following podcasts that our team has been invited to take part in, talking infrared and discussing how our infrared heating provides effective and efficient solutions for different applications.

Hugo-Award winning podcaster, Emma Newman

Hugo-Award winning podcaster, Emma Newman, has created the Imagining Tomorrow podcast in partnership with Friends of the Earth to explore successful community action alongside exciting developments in technology, with a view to creating positive visions of the future.
The episode delves into how faith & community buildings can stay warm, whilst reducing both energy consumption & the environmental impact of heating older buildings.

The interview features Paul Morey, CEO, and Matt Dodds, Commercial Director, and they discuss how our Halo infrared heaters, part of our Heritage range, convert electricity into radiant heat – radiant heating is unique in its ability to be zoned, and provides a highly efficient form of comfort heating for large spaces. The Halo chandelier heater has been designed specifically to fit the heritage aesthetic, whilst also limiting the conservation risk to sensitive monuments. Importantly, it is simple to switch energy providers and power the Halo infrared heater by a renewable tariff or, alternatively, use alongside solar to deliver a net zero heating solution.

It was fantastic to be a part of the Imagining Tomorrow podcast, we hope you enjoying listening here. The episode can also be viewed on YouTube.

Talking Infrared with Emma Newman on Imagining Tomorrow podcast

The Fully Charged Podcast – hosted by Robert Llewellyn

We were also thrilled to be invited to talk to Robert Llewellyn about the electrification of heating on the Fully Charged Podcast. As the number 1 Clean Energy and Electric Vehicle show, the Fully Charged & Everything Electric Show is a leading voice in the global energy transition to stop burning gas and switch from fossil fuels to electric heating.

Take a listen to their Electric Heat podcast, featuring Paul Morey and Matt Dodds, and hear the discussions on our electric infrared heating.

Talking Infrared with Herschel on the Fully Charged PodcastPaul, Matt and Robert discuss how infrared heating can be used to heat every environment, whether it be residential, commercial, industrial or heritage, and offers a compelling and alternative to heat pumps in the electrification and decarbonisation of heating. The possibilities that exist with infrared alongside a solar future present a very exciting proposition beyond zero carbon, maximising the potential that solar can offer with battery and smart night time tariffs to future-proof energy costs.

Infrared with solar and battery is a key technology of the future

The Herschel team also discuss current regulatory constraints and ongoing discussions that are taking place to ensure infrared is accurately and fairly recognised by the government and legislation as a key technology of the future.

We hope you enjoy listening to both these episodes ‘talking infrared’! Follow us on our social channels for more updates where we will continue to update you with the latest from Herschel!


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