Exploring Eco Heating options – Friends of the Earth report

Friends of the Earth lead campaigns dedicated to protecting the natural world, & the wellbeing of everyone in it, against environmental problems. They target global action for change.

The creation of a greener climate is a priority for all, as is the need to build awareness of changes that can be made to help enable this transition.


This recently published report from Friends of the Earth (October 2018) outlines how consumers can review their home heating, starting with improvements to insulation, in a focused effort to reduce carbon footprints and heating bills.  The report goes on to assess the Eco heating options that are available including reviews of heat pumps, electric radiators and infrared heaters.

We are delighted that Herschel Infrared has been included within this report, which highlights to homeowners the options available to them for reducing their carbon footprint with their home heating system.

Eco heating options and energy efficiency

Heating presents a massive opportunity to make a difference to the CO2 issue, demonstrated by the energy hierarchy above; combine an efficient heating system with a 100% green energy supplier or on-site renewables, alongside improvements to building design to enhance the heat-keeping ability of homes, and reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Herschel Infrared heating technology combines efficiency with both practicality and style – making it a real compelling technology for the future for those homes off-grid as well as those looking for an effective electric solution.  For homeowners, the benefit from infrared of reduced damp and mould are additional benefits.

The proposed changes publicised in SAP10, the introduction of which is anticipated for later in 2019, will no doubt elevate electric heating even further.  For more information in this area, take a look at how Herschel integrates with renewable energy.

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