How do I heat my cold studio workshop?

We recently visited a customer to find out what she thought of her Herschel Infrared, heating a workshop: how they were performing, why had she chosen Herschel infrared.  Andrea Spencer, @aspencerglass, is a glass artist who has created her work studio within an old, stone farm building.  Whilst providing an ideal setting for her studio, given its high ceiling and wide open space, the stone building proves tricky to heat particularly during the coldest months in winter.

Andrea initially considered a boiler and radiator system as she already uses gas to run the kilns. However, she was recommended infrared from another artist who outlined the much simpler installation of infrared heating, with less disruption to her work as there is no need for pipework, plus the reduced impact on space as there is no requirement to find space for a boiler.

Andrea needs to ensure her hands are kept warm as the glasswork she carries out is very delicate and can result in delays in productivity when she suffers with cold hands.

studio workshop heated with Herschel infrared

Three Herschel space heaters have been installed into the workshop which are specifically focussed on the main work areas that Andrea occupies.

“Because the space heaters focus heat in a defined area, I can heat the area where I’m working rather than the whole space which reduces running costs. I’m also able to keep working when the cold would have slowed me down in the past”. Andrea Spencer, @aspencerglass 

A fantastic solution that maintains comfort for demanding applications. For more details, please visit the case study.

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