Introducing the Halo heating range for heating historic buildings

Introducing the brand new Halo heating range, the highly efficient electric infrared heater designed for heating heritage buildings. Emitting zero light heat, the Herschel Halo is ideal for use in heritage properties, places of worship and listed buildings including wedding venues, village halls, barns, hotel lobbies, theaters, churches and mosques. The Halo can also be used for heating large industrial workshops and warehouses.

Halo heating rangeUsing specialist far infrared emitters to deliver the pleasant and comfortable feeling of radiant heat, far infrared gently warms people, objects and the building and is particularly beneficial for protecting historic interiors and artifacts. Unlike convection heating there is no requirement to heat large volumes of air and, as such, energy savings can be significant compared to convection based systems and heat pumps. The powerful Halo heating range offers fast warm up and spaces require very little pre-heating.

Crafted to the highest specification, the Halo heating range has been finished with elegance and subtlety in mind – the result is a zero carbon, energy efficient heating solution that is not only non-intrusive, its beautiful design can be a centrepiece for any interior. Halo has the option to choose bespoke decorative designs and colours as well as the option to be supplied with or without low power, dimmable LED lights.

The Halo range for heritage buildingsHalo has no hazardous components, has no moving parts and is maintenance free. An effective, silent and zero light 7.8kW far infrared heater, the Halo has 3 variable power levels (2.6kW, 5.2kW, 7.8kW). The heater requires Herschel’s APX Controller which enables control options including simple on / off to sophisticated temperature and remote control.

Halo is manufactured by Herschel here in the UK and minimises carbon footprint by being manufactured from 100% British made steel along with aerospace-grade aluminium.. When combined with solar PV or a renewable energy tariff, Halo is 100% CO2 free, sustainable heating and one of the simplest and most cost effective ways for hard to heat buildings to achieve net zero. Take a look at this link which shows a video of the Halo heaters installed at St Matthew’s Church in Bristol.

Herschel customers really enjoy the natural, fresher feeling of comfort from our far infrared heaters and we are incredibly excited about the extensive benefits the innovative Halo heating range has to offer to the heritage and historic building sector. Far infrared is the most gentle (and invisible) infrared waveband, ideal for comfort heating of people, and our infrared technology also minimises the problems of damp in older buildings. Convection heating systems have frequently caused issues with damp in historical and heritage where humid air meets cold surfaces, resulting in issues with damp and mould.

Herschel clients have previously included Historic England, The National Trust, Church of England and English Heritage. Contact us to discuss your requirements and more details on how Halo can work for you.

Improved comfort from far infrared

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