Colorado heating whole Church
Colorado's used to heat whole church in Newquay
Eco heating for churches
Manhattan and stand used for church heating

Proven infrared heating solutions for churches

Instant warmth – right where you want it

Herschel Infrared heating provides churches with the ability to install an energy-efficient, effective radiant heating system that can be tailored to the specific needs of any particular space. An electric heating solution that can be powered by a renewable energy tariff, to ensure carbon footprints are minimised. Infrared radiant heating provides a fresher, more comfortable feeling of heat, it’s the heat humans were designed for. Comfortable, efficient and practical heating solutions.

Working Together to Provide a Warm Welcome This Winter

We are delighted to be supporting churches in the provision of a range of heaters specially selected to assist ‘Warm Welcome’ churches throughout the colder season.

Freestanding heaters

  • Malibu freestanding patio heater

    Malibu 2000W ON SALE

    2 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM £379.00£299.00
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  • Florida freestanding patio heater

    Florida 2000W ON SALE

    (13 reviews)
    2 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM £345.00£199.00
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  • Colorado on Black Adjustable Stand Integrated Cable

    Colorado Remote 2500W & Stand ON SALE

    (2 reviews)
    2 Year Warranty
    3 Sizes
    FROM £478.00£399.00
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  • Havana portable patio heater

    Havana 800W ON SALE

    (3 reviews)
    2 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM £149.00£99.00
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Colorado church heating

Why do Churches Choose Infrared?

    • Infrared (radiant) systems directly heat objects and people in a space as opposed to heating the air and circulating it, thereby saving energy;
    • Reduced carbon footprint – with the correct energy supply (any form of renewable energy or green tariff ) infrared heating can be run on a zero-carbon basis;
    • Enables a much more consistent, comfortable temperature for the congregation;
    • Quick, simple installation – infrared heating simply needs an electricity supply and can be wall or ceiling mounted in the correct place (portable solutions also available);
    • No requirement for maintenance checks;
    • Highly controllable – simple operation to ensure the right people and spaces are heated at the right times with no wasted energy;
    • Solid-state, no moving parts – long life solutions;
    • No noise;
    • Choose between zero light and warm glow heaters;
    • Infrared warms the building fabric itself helping to preserve buildings and reduce damp levels.

Find more information on infrared heating for churches here.

Herschel heating for churches

Working with Herschel

Our team is passionate about providing the best customer support and products to our customers.  We have a team of professional specifiers able to help advise the best heaters for your space and assist with any queries you have.

With a focus on safety first, our freestanding heaters – Florida, Malibu and Havana – incorporate an anti-tilt mechanism which will turn the heater off if it senses sudden movement of the heater. The base of the stand used with Colorado is weighted making it difficult to accidently knock over.

When using in churches we always advise extra caution when people are in close proximity, as with any form of heating.

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Customer Testimonials

“I would recommend Herschel Infrared to other churches, the system works”!

Well, it’s transformed the church really. We were in a situation that many churches find themselves in of our heating actually being condemned, the old gas heating that we had. Like many other churches, we decided that we wanted to become an eco-church, and like many other churches and the rest of society, we’re very mindful of climate change. We wanted to move away from gas heating, so we looked into electricity and electric heating. I, like many people who have been in church for a long period of their life, have got memories of sitting under electric heaters and getting frazzled and fried. I’m glad to say that is not the case with these Herschel heaters. The heat is very different, and it spreads throughout the whole of the church, and that’s been a real benefit to us.

We’ve got heaters upstairs in the sanctuary, but also in a hall that we let out, and in a side chapel, and also the toilets and kitchen as well. The best part is that we can then zone them, so we don’t have to have the heating on in the whole of the church, we can actually have it in the hall if we have a hall letting, or we can just have it in the sanctuary if we’re worshipping.

I would recommend Herschel Infrared to other churches, the system works! As they say. The heat they give out takes a bit of learning to know what fits your building best, but once you’ve done that, it’s a real winner. Unfortunately like most old church buildings, we do get leaks sometimes and we actually managed to use the heating system we’ve got to dry out the wet carpet from the leak.

The benefits I like are that it’s modular, I like that I can control the heating when I’m at home, so if you suddenly need it on for something, I don’t need to rush all the way here. We would like to see some savings in terms of finance, and it’s really low maintenance too.

“The best thing for our church”

“The best thing for our church. The old infrared heaters we had were terrible, no more glaring light, no buzzing noise and no more complaining from our elderly congregation of being cold. Really quick heat up times and have saved us a fortune against our old running costs as well as reducing the power we used by 40%. We are now looking at the rest of the areas in our church, after having trialled Herschel in the main rectory. Adam and his team at Herschel have done a brilliant job and should be very proud”.

John Horton, Church Warden, Salisbury Park United Reformed Church,

“We’re saving over half the energy bill that we previously had”

We’re really thrilled to have these new heaters installed in the church here, and we’re really pleased with the results. Previously we had convection heaters all down each side of the church, and we used to have them on a timer that came on at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, and when the services started at 10:30 am it only just took the chill off in the main sanctuary, they were just no good at all, nice and hot in the ceiling, but absolutely no good in the main sanctuary. So we looked into purchasing these Herschel heaters, and we’re delighted with the results, to our amazement we only need to put them on 30 minutes before a service starts, so we put them on at 10 in the morning and everyone is nice and warm. We’ve got four different heat settings we can use, operated by remote control, and since we’ve set these up what we’ve been seeing is people actually taking their coats off in services now, which is great, we never used to see that before! The other massive difference this has made is to our energy consumption. We did a like-to-like, before covid, during the winter and we’re saving over half the energy bill that we previously had now we’re using this new infrared technology. I definitely recommend them to any church looking at heating systems wanting to upgrade, the congregation have been delighted with them. The other thing is that you can zone them, so you can put the front ones on if you’re using the area down at the front of the church and not using the back area, it just keeps that area at a nice temperature, rather than using all of the heaters all around the building. We couldn’t recommend them enough to any church that’s thinking of using them, so thanks to Herschel, thanks a lot.”