Herschel Infrared Case Studies Localised warmth for desk workers

Localised warmth for desk workers


Creating a sustainable business was a key goal for The Pulborough Exchange in Pulborough, West Sussex. When the business opened in November 2019, standard electric panel heaters were used for heating but these proved both inefficient and expensive to run. The Director was keen to look for an alternative heating solution that was both cost-effective and sustainable.

warmth for desk workers


When infrared heating was suggested, director Elizabeth Hunt decided to purchase two Herschel Select 220 Watt infrared under desk heaters and a Herschel Select 500 Watt portable heater.

The Pulborough Exchange helps people generate value by selling any household item they no longer need (including art and furniture) and consignors receive 40 per cent of the sale proceeds. Along with this ethos of recycling within the community, the business aims to be as sustainable as possible, so choosing infrared heating made sense. Whenever they are not helping customers, the Pulborough Exchange team spend a great deal of their day sitting in order to list and sell the items, so efficient localised warmth is essential. The two smaller 220W under desk heaters are used under the desks in the main shop area, to provide personal, localised warmth for desk workers that they can use as and when required. The larger portable 500W heater is used to provide warmth in the small back office area.


“The Herschel infrared heaters are proving to be the perfect answer”

The Pulborough Exchange is one of the largest shops in the village so heating it is a challenge, especially with the increase in energy prices. While it’s great that we have a steady stream of customers coming in and opening the door from the street, it does mean that there is a constant influx of cold air. The Herschel infrared heaters are proving to be the perfect answer. They are a real hit with the team, keeping their legs and feet toasty without wasting energy heating the air.

Elizabeth Hunt, The Pulborough Exchange

Elizabeth Hunt has outlined how the energy saving credentials of the heaters also, in part, helped The Pulborough Exchange achieve a bronze award in the pilot of the internationally-recognised “Green South Downs” certification scheme that champions sustainability. The initiative by the South Downs National Park Authority aims to help make it easier for businesses to be green and reach net zero. It is fantastic to be involved with businesses like this that have a focused priority on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Warmth for desk workers using compact under desk infrared heaters from Herschel

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