Select – 220 Watt Infrared Under Desk Heater
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(7 reviews)
Under desk heater
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Select – 220 Watt Infrared Under Desk Heater

FROM £189.00
(7 reviews)

Key Features:

  • Low energy localised warmth
  • 3 pence per hour running cost
  • Simple on/off control via foot pedal
  • SmartLife app controllable
  • Designed to warm legs and feet
  • Compact electric portable heater

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65 x 40cm




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  • Description


    The Select Under Desk heater is a freestanding, small personal heater specially designed for offices and the work from home market. Perfect for providing personal heating for legs and feet for homeworkers as well as people in commercial office environments. This low energy mini desk heater provides a supplementary heating solution at minimal cost, just 3* pence per hour to run.

    The Under Desk heater comes with a simple foot pedal for handy on/off control. It also has Herschel’s in-built SMART-R system for App-enabled control, via the SmartLife App. An ideal solution for larger offices enabling both user control, to allow increased comfort for individual employees that feel the cold, as well as facilitating centralised control to ensure heaters are not accidentally left on.

    Unlike fan and convector heaters which warm up the entire space, this personal desk heater uses radiant heating technology to directly warm people, a cost-effective system for providing additional warmth where required.

    The Herschel Select Under Desk heater has integrated controls making it fully compliant with European energy saving regulation (Lot 20) and features internal safety thermal cut out sensors.  Available with a 5 year warranty the mini desk heater is supplied with feet and comes with a fitted UK plug. The heater is freestanding only and cannot be mounted to a wall.

    Note: the Under Desk heater is not intended to heat an entire room, it is designed to gently warm legs under desks. For commercial office environments, please see the Select Ceiling Tile heaters which can be used in conjunction with Under Desk heaters to provide a complete office space heating solution.

    *Based on an average electricity tariff of 14 pence per kilowatt hour.

    As featured in The Times, Bricks & Mortar.

    The Times Bricks & Mortar

  • Technical

    Technical Specifications

    Surface: Frameless, Aluminium powder-coated white

    Rear: Steel

    Surface Temperature: Max 90C

    Cable: 1.3m power cable

    Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz

    Protection: IP20.

    Quality & Safety

    UK EU SAA certifications

    IEC 60335-1; 60335-2-30 Electrical & Construction Safety Compliant

    AS/NZS 60335-1; 60335-2-30 Electrical & Construction Safety Compliant

    EMC Certification (TÜV SÜD Certification & Testing Co. Ltd)

    RoHS compliant

    ErP Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 and Supplement (EU) 2016/2282 (Lot 20).Valid from 1 January 2018 when used with Herschel XLS Controls

    Guarantee: 5 years

  • Manuals and Guides

    Download the Smartlife App:

  • Reviews (7)

    7 reviews for Select – 220 Watt Infrared Under Desk Heater

    1. Mark Campey (verified owner)

      A nice sized little heater. I would have given it a 5 star if there was some type of light on the panel or illuminated foot switch to indicate when it was on/off.

      • Customer Service

        Thanks for your great feedback. We’ve passed your suggestion onto our Design team.

    2. Bert Stewart

      Great little heater. Warms quickly and very cheap to run

      • Customer Service

        Lovely to hear, thanks for your feedback.

    3. Tim Weller

      An excellent little 220 watt heater that is just the right power for a heater to have alongside you. Sufficient for a small cold room at the bottom of the house. And, it takes such a small amount of electricity, too!

      • Customer Service

        Thank you for your brilliant review of our Under Desk Heater, we’re glad it’s keeping your room warm.

    4. M Lowry

      Really pleased with our under-desk heater which is working efficiently and providing dedicated warmth in the little “office” off our kitchen. This is a small but cold room with 3 outside walls, a high ceiling and a tiled floor – making it difficult to heat in winter. The under desk heater effectively warms up the person sitting at the desk. We are really pleased with it and would thoroughly recommend.

      • Customer Service

        It’s fantastic to hear your feedback on the Under Desk heater and how it is keeping you warm. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it.

    5. Maksim

      I absolutely love this heater. 5 stars for The quality and performance is top notch. Was just wondering if it’s possible somehow to turn off the wifi blue led? everytime i use the footswitch the wife comes back on, and this blue light is too bright to have the radiator running at night, so each time i have to manually turn off the wifi by pressing “-” button for 10s. I’d rather have wifi turned off permanently, if possible, and just use the footswitch to operate the radiator. Thanks

      • Customer Service

        Thanks very much for the feedback. We are pleased to hear how happy you are with the under desk heater. Unfortunately there is no way to turn the wifi off however we have passed your feedback on to our Product Design team.

    6. Andy (verified owner)

      Great little heater for keeping warm while home working. Feels very sturdy and well made. Gets up to temperature very rapidly. Google home operation is easier than using the app (‘okay Google, turn on the heater for 2 hours’ saves forgetting to turn it off). I’ve knocked it down a star because of the default behaviour when using WiFi. If you are turning the heater on and off with WiFi control so it’s always got mains power, in the event of a power cut the heater comes on set to 37 degrees when power is restored. I can see why they chose this because it allows simpler operation with the foot switch…but it would be better if it simply remembered the last state it was in (i.e. on or off).

      • Customer Service

        Thanks for the feedback Andy. We’re really pleased to hear that you are enjoying your under desk heater. At the moment there is no setting to keep the last set temperature in the event of a power cut however your comments have been passed to the product development team.

    7. Ben Blyth (verified owner)

      This is my second Herschel heater, after having one installed on the ceiling of a kitchen extension.

      Through winter when working from home, this under desk heater has been brilliant! It keeps me nice and comfortable without having to heat the whole house. I use the Smartlife app to control the heater entirely – bypassing the need to use the included foot switch. I can control the temperature, turn it on/off and also it easily integrated with Alexa.

      • Customer Service

        Thank you for your review Ben. It’s brilliant to hear that you’ve been satisfied with your under desk heater and haven’t had to heat your whole house when working from home.