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Mini desk heater: 220W Herschel Under Desk heater for home working
Portable infrared panel
Herschel Select XLS 600W portable infrared heaters

Portable Infrared Heaters

Comfort where you want it, when you want it

Convenient portable infrared heaters that deliver cosy, effective top-up warmth whilst being cheap to run and easy to set up.

Herschel’s infrared standing heaters, cost between 3 and 11 pence* per hour to run.

The heaters come with feet which are easy to put on and you just plug in to the nearest available mains socket for power. The Under Desk and Portable 500 Watt heaters both have an inbuilt-thermostat for automatic regulation of temperature. To operate the Select XLS 800 Watt portable panel heater, it’s very simple to pair it with the plugin thermostat (included) and set up your desired schedules.

Our 220 Watt Under Desk unit comes with a handy foot-operated switch and will fit neatly in a foot-well under a desk. Our larger 500 watt portable infrared panel is a larger variant without the foot switch and is great for setting up wherever you want a bit of extra comfort without making the heater a permanent fixture. Our 800 Watt Portable panel solution offers a low energy, simple solution that delivers cosy radiant warmth for those larger spaces.

All models can be connected to your home or office wifi to allow precise app control using the SmartLife app.

*Based on an average electricity tariff of 14 pence per hour.

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  • Under desk heater

    Select – 220 Watt Infrared Under Desk Heater

    (7 reviews)
    5 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM £189.00
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  • Portable Panel Heater

    Select – 500 Watt Portable Infrared Panel Heater

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    5 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM £359.00
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  • XLS800 Portable

    Select XLS – 800 Watt Portable Heater

    5 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM £479.00
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Fully app controllable

All our portable indoor heaters are fully app controllable.

Our 220 Watt Under desk heater and 500 Watt portable panel will work on their own using their own built-in thermostat, but for full energy efficiency and control, even when you’re away from home, we recommend you download the SmartLife App to your phone and use it to setup your heating on a schedule – and even control it along with other Herschel heaters in your house or office. Our Select XLS 800 Watt portable panel solution comes with our plugin thermostat which pairs simply to the integrated SMART-R receiver on the panel and can be operated via the thermostat on via the SmartLife App.

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Customer Testimonials

“Providing dedicated warmth in the little “office” off our kitchen”.

“Under desk heater has been brilliant”

“Heat feels more refreshing and comfortable”

“Great little heater – gives off gorgeous heat”

Try our handy heating calculator to get the right products for your needs
Try our handy heating calculator to get the right products for your needs