Halo: Net Zero Heating for Churches

The Herschel Halo infrared heater has been specially designed to heat churches and heritage buildings, efficiently and effectively, and provide a net zero heating solution in the transition towards decarbonisation.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, using a combination of precision engineering alongside hand-crafted expertise, the result is the beautiful chandelier finish that fits the heritage aesthetic so perfectly. Simple to switch to a renewable energy tariff, the Halo net zero heating solution can provide a significant step towards lowering carbon emissions and meeting targets. In addition, as a high proportion of churches have an East-facing altar, they will have a large South-facing roof that is ideal for solar – enabling them to substantially reduce their energy bills as well as address climate change.

Halo infrared heaters installed in church

Specifying Halo

Working in conjunction with DACs, Diocesan Net Zero Carbon Officers, associates of the Church of England, architects and church members, the Herschel Heritage team has been involved in providing specifications and heating proposals of the Halo for a significant number of churches, place of worship and heritage buildings across the UK as well as Europe and Australia.

Using the latest technology, our Heritage Team can provide accurate visual representations that demonstrate the heating zones created by the Halo heaters. Producing a tailored heating specification, the team can assist in DAC applications and will continue to provide support throughout the process.

Herschel Heritage specify net zero Halo heaters

Heating for Every Space

In addition to the Halo heater, the Herschel Heritage range also includes the Halo Horizon and Under Pew heaters. Incorporating the very best components and finishings to maintain the heritage aesthetic, the Heritage range delivers a zero light, maintenance free heating solution for all areas of churches and has the option to combine with dimmable LED lights as well as bespoke, decorative designs.

Feedback on the Herschel Halo

Look inside some of the Halo installations to see the beautiful chandelier heaters installed and hear feedback on the Halo heater in operation from occupiers and stakeholders. The following videos include testimonials that discuss the warmth, controllability and aesthetic of the Halo and how it is helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

St Michael’s Church, Aynho

Click on the photo to view the video.
St Michaels Halo video testimonial

Watch as Churchwarden Andrew Bellamy discusses the problems the church faced with the previous gas boiler heating system, and why they decided to go with Herschel Infrared as opposed to a heat pump.

St Matthew’s Church, Bristol

Click on the photo to view the video.Net Zero Halo heating solution at St Matthew's Church

St Matthew’s share the results of their Halo infrared heating installation and discuss the savings on energy use, the rapid warm-up times plus comfort levels from Halo during the coldest months.

All Saints’ Church, Martock

Click on the photo to view the video.All Saints Martock heated by Halo

The Halo provides a heating solution for the beautiful interior of the Lady Chapel at All Saints’ Church.

Book your consultation with the Herschel Heritage team here and find out how Halo can help with your project.





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