Heating a shop? Infrared heating is completely changing the way shops are heated

When it comes to solutions for heating a shop, leading high street names are installing Herschel Infrared solutions to warm their retail premises. Infrared provides comfortable warmth for shoppers and staff alike in large spaces during the cold winter months, keeping customers in the store for longer and keeping staff warm and happy.

Infrared is very simple to install and control remotely. Our commercial infrared heaters provide managers with a  zero maintenance, long lifetime solution. Herschel’s broad range offers a selection from discreet ceiling mounted tile heaters to contemporary heaters that can make a style statement.

The ideal electric heater for shops with suspended ceilings, our Select 350w ceiling tile heaters are perfect for heating entire shops or as a top up for colder zones within larger retail premises. The infrared heat is radiated down keeping the heat source out of reach of customers and employees.

The Aspect XL shop heaters are used by leading retailers including Boots and All Saints to heat entrances and till areas. Aspect XL is a compact but powerful zero light heater which provides effective and efficient heating within the heated zone.

Aspect XL for shops

Simple, efficient, highly flexible heating for all your requirements. Contact our heat design team for advice.

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