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Neptune Workshop Heating


Heaters for workshops can often be ineffective and costly to run given the large spaces however Herschel Infrared technology allows radiant heat to be focused exactly where it is needed, providing a highly effective solution. Our customers previously worked for another company that had sixty of our powerful Herschel Manhattan 3kW heaters as the workshop heating solution. They were so impressed with the performance and quality of Herschel’s infrared heaters that when they left to start up their own furniture-making business, Neptune, they came to Herschel for the heating solution.

The warehouse in South Wales was a fairly well-insulated building and the owners wanted to ensure the heating system could keep the space comfortable to work in all  year-round. There was a mezzanine floor inside as well as an office and break room which meant that there were multiple spaces that all had differing heating requirements. As the space was so large, any airblown system would be ineffective and inefficient due to the high ceilings and lack of controllability. They knew that Herschel systems work with highly controllable thermostats to ensure the ultimate flexibility in managing heating requirements as well as zoned heating systems that can concentrate the heat to the specific area where people are working.

Summit White heaters in workshop in Neptune South WalesCeiling tile heaters in warehouse office


The solution varied based on the requirements of each area that needed heating. The slimline 800W White Select XLS panels were fitted into the 1200mm ceiling grids above the ground floor and canteen area, providing a discreet and space-saving solution to maximise wall and floor space. Select XLS White infrared panels were also surface mounted on the office ceiling with all XLS panels controlled by the compact, touchscreen MD2 WiFi thermostat allowing for precise control and the ability to manage the entire system from a mobile device.

The first floor of the warehouse had discreet Summit White 2600 heaters suspended from the ceiling and it was also agreed to install some Advantage IR2 heaters to provide individual machinists with spot heating where people were working and sitting for long periods of time, controlled by push button timers to minimise any wasted heat output.

MD2 Thermostat


“Having experienced Herschel heaters in a previous company and being impressed with the heat output, it was the simple answer for us when we started up our own company and needed heating for our new premises. Herschel helped us with what heaters we needed for each space as we had different requirements for different areas. It was particularly important to keep the machinists warm as they sit for long periods, so we have installed spot heating that they can manually control. The whole process was hassle free and we would have no hesitation in recommending Herschel Infrared to others”. 

Gerwyn Hopkins, Neptune.

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